Sammo Hung v.s. Michiko Nishiwaki
Kung fu master Sammo Hung (洪金寶) knocks out with a muscular villainess girl (Michiko Nishiwaki, 西脇 美智子), «My Lucky Stars» (福星高照) movie.
Wonder Woman – Lynda Carter
Beauty Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).
Wonder Woman upside down
Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) hangs upside down while performing a task, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).
Wonder Woman holding two cars
Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) holding two cars with her hands, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).
Wonder Woman catching a tank shell
Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) catches a tank shell with one hand, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).
Wonder Woman spins around
Diana Prince / Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) spins around and changes her clothes, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).
The Batman starring Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson is playing an angry young Batman, «The Batman» movie trailer.
Riddler’s Question Mark (The Batman)
Riddler's cup with a question mark, an episode from the trailer for the movie «The Batman».
Thor Odinson (Men in Black)
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) picks up a small hammer and throws it at an alien, a funny scene in the movie «Men in Black».
Zombie woman eating a man (Zombieland)
A blood-stained zombie woman eats her husband in the middle of the road, she drinks his blood and nibbles his bones, a scene from the movie «Zombieland».