Pterodactyl on the beach (Prehistoric Planet)
Pterodactyl on the beach, Pterodactyl flies over the sea, walking with dinosaurs, «Prehistoric Planet» series, Apple TV+.
New York Destruction Scene (Moonfall)
The fall of the moon on New York, the total destruction of the city, the end of the world, the film «Moonfall» (2022).
Сhani Kynes – Zendaya (Dune)
Zendaya portrays Сhani Kynes in «Dune» 2021, close-up of Zendaya's face, Сhani's blue eyes, GIF & MP4 video.
The Gom Jabbar Test of Humanity (Dune)
The Reverend Mother is holding a Gom Jabbar to Paul Atreides' (Timothee Chalamet) neck to test his willpower, «Dune» 2021.
Sammo Hung v.s. Michiko Nishiwaki
Kung fu master Sammo Hung (洪金寶) knocks out with a muscular villainess girl (Michiko Nishiwaki, 西脇 美智子), «My Lucky Stars» (福星高照) movie.
Wonder Woman – Lynda Carter
Beauty Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).
Wonder Woman upside down
Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) hangs upside down while performing a task, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).
Wonder Woman holding two cars
Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) holding two cars with her hands, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).
Wonder Woman catching a tank shell
Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) catches a tank shell with one hand, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).
Wonder Woman spins around
Diana Prince / Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) spins around and changes her clothes, «Wonder Woman» (TV series, 1976 - 1979).