Sarah Connor: I’ll be back
Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) shoots the terminator Rev-9, throws a grenade and says «I'll be back», «Terminator: Dark Fate» (2019).
Javelin jumps (Conviction)
Freelancer's jump in exo-costume Javelin, explosions and shootout, «Conviction» - An Anthem Trailer From Neill Blomkamp, 2019.
2B self destruction (NieR:Automata)
YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) self-destructed, burned her dress, «NieR:Automata» (ニーア オートマタ) video game scene.
Explosions (Far Cry: New Dawn)
Missile attacks on Hope County (Montana), video game «Far Cry: New Dawn» (developed by Ubisoft Montreal), 2019.
Car exploded on the road
A gas cylinder in the car exploded in the middle of the road, a flame enveloped another car, animated GIF.
Harley Quinn throws dynamite (Injustice 2)
Hot Harley Quinn throws dynamite, «Injustice 2» video game, 2017.
Iden Versio in space (Star Wars: Battlefront 2)
Iden Versio flew into open space from the hangar lock, Star Wars Battlefront 2.
The car exploded on the Russian highway
A truck loaded with gas balloons exploded on the Russian highway.
The black guy and the Arab say hello
Explosive meeting of a black guy and an Arab.
Car explosion (The Naked Gun)
A car explosion, The Naked Gun movie.