The fall of the sport bike on the wet road (Ride 4)
A scene from a video game, a sportbike crashes on a wet track, hitting a bump stop, racer flies away like a rag doll, «Ride 4» video game.
Hubless Electric Roadster
A futuristic electric motorcycle with a hubless rear wheel, the power of the electric motor is 80 kilowatts, the cost is €25000.
FortyFive Electric Bicycle
Cheap electric bike manufactured by an Indian company, steel fat bike with electric motor.
High five buddy
The biker high-fived and drove off the road into a ditch with his motorcycle.
Girl hit a man with crutches (Okami-san and Her Seven Companions)
The girl fell out of the rickshaw bicycle and kicked a sick man with crutches in the face, funny moments from the anime «Okami-san and Her Seven Companions» (オオカミさん).
The girl fell off the bike
The young girl jumped from a springboard on a bicycle and fell face down, girls fail funny animated GIF.
The girl takes her hands off the handlebar and falls off the bike
Two girls in a bikini ride bicycles through the streets, one girl took her hands off the handlebars of a bicycle and fell face down into the asphalt, funny video and animated GIF.
Very lucky biker
The biker could avoid several accidents in a row, skipping between the cars at high speed.
Sondors electric bike promo
The girl and her boyfriend ride the seashore on the electric bike Sondors.
Super 73 Lithium Cycles
Electric bicycle Super 73 by Lithium Cycles with a classic frame design.