Two dudes on a moped came off the saddle
Two dudes ride a moped, hit a bump and got off the saddle, high jump on a scooter.
Catwoman starring Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)
Anxious face of a Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) sitting on a batcycle, scene from «The Dark Knight Rises» (2012).
Slender Catwoman sitting on a batcycle (The Dark Knight Rises)
Slender Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) sits on a batcycle, shoots at the blockage, scene from «The Dark Knight Rises» (2012).
The fall of the sport bike on the wet road (Ride 4)
A scene from a video game, a sportbike crashes on a wet track, hitting a bump stop, racer flies away like a rag doll, «Ride 4» video game.
Hubless Electric Roadster
A futuristic electric motorcycle with a hubless rear wheel, the power of the electric motor is 80 kilowatts, the cost is €25000.
Motorcycle crashed into Lada
Where on the Russian highway a motorcycle crashed into Lada, bikers fell on the road, one biker tore off the helmet.
Motorcycle almost knocked down a pedestrian girl
Crazy Russian biker fell on the pedestrian crossing and almost knocked the girl in a green dress.
Very lucky biker
The biker could avoid several accidents in a row, skipping between the cars at high speed.
Motorcycle crash
Motorcycle accident at high speed, motorcycle crashed into a red car at high speed, animated GIF.