Schoolgirl kancho face (Chio’s School Road)
A young blonde schoolgirl is planning to make a kancho (カンチョ) for other schoolgirls by putting her fingers in their ass, anime «Chio's School Road» (ちおちゃんの通学路).
Meteor falling, funny prank
The woman came to the office and sees a meteorite fall on the city in the window, funny prank animated GIF.
Maniac frightened the girl in the toilet
Maniac in a mask leaned out of the toilet and frightened the girl, she crap and ran away.
She was pregnant
The turkey was pregnant when it was fried, he girls were shocked, failed  Thanksgiving Day, funny animated gif.
IPhone for a sweet daughter
The girl was presented with a toy smartphone instead of iPhone, she is very upset.
Chinese kissing wrapped with scotch tape
A couple in love kisses in the street, and a passing man wrapped them in scotch tape.
A black guy humping a girl
A black guy hard humping a girl in the park and throws it on the lawn, funny prank fail.