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Enjoy watching Truck GIFs

Truck crashes into a tree
Trailer truck accident, truck crashed into a cliff, video game «SnowRunner: A MudRunner Game» (2020), Gamescom 2019.
Spider-Man stops the truck
«Spider-Man» video game 2018, spider-man neutralizes the hijacker, knocks him out of the cab and stops the truck, animated videogame GIF.
Super Trucks Race incredible jumps
Incredible jumping of racing trucks on track during the Super Trucks Race event, autosport animated GIF.
Accident Ford Focus crashed into a truck
Fatal accident in Russia, Ford Focus crashed into a truck and Ford was blown to pieces.
Russian dump truck crossed by a decrepit bridge
The Russian KAMAZ dump truck crosses a decrepit bridge flooded with water and cars are floating on the water.
Asian crazy movie girl monster
Crazy japanese film, girl turns into a monster-ball and knocks the truck into a cliff.