Two girls fell from a tree
Two girls on a tree, one girl grabbed the second by her hair and pulled her down, girls fail funny animated GIF.
Caucasian wedding
Somewhere in the Republic of Dagestan, Caucasian wedding, an accident involving several cars, a wedding cortege, all cars are broken.
Russian girls fight after car accident
Crazy hot Russian girls swore after a car accident, and then started to fight, the girls beat each other with their hands and feet.
Silly girls set fire to the frying pan
Two young stupid girls set fire to a frying pan, almost arranging a fire in the house.
Stupid blonde broke wine glass with her teeth
Stupid girl blonde clamped her teeth a glass, the glass cracked and filled the blonde's breast with red wine, funny girl's fail.
Stupid blonde fell into the water from the pipe
A stupid blonde was walking along the pipe, her legs slipped and she fell into dirty water, it's a freaking lol.
Dumb BMW driver almost crashed into the bus
The driver of BMW tried to overtake the bus and almost crashed into an iron bump.
Stupid Russian BMW driver crashed an ambulance
A dumb Russian driver BMW intended to turn around and hit an ambulance.
Stupid Russian BMW driver on the opposite lane
Stupid Russian rednecks BMW driver on the oncoming lane and demands him to give way.