Cats are cuddling
Two cats walk hugging along a snowy road, funny animated GIF and MP4 video.
Smile (Alita Battle Angel)
Alita smiles looking at Hugo, cyborg Alita’s (Rosa Salazar) pretty face, «Alita Battle Angel» (2019) animated GIF & MP4 video.
I Love You
Amanda Cerny says I love you, cute animation gif.
Cat caresses a dog
Affectionate cat rubs against the dog, and the dog suffers sighs.
Cat massage his girlfriend
A caring cat makes massage to his fluffy girlfriend, funny animated gif with cats.
Trump touch the Pope
President of the United States Donald Trump touch the hand of the Pope, the Pope is not happy.
Girls like bad guys
Girls do not like romantics, girls love cool guys.
Friends: Ross kisses Rachel
Rachel and Ross romantic kiss, «Friends» television sitcom, kiss GIF.