Funny #19

The fat lady sings hard
Grandmother sings like a real damn rocker.
Two girls argue
Two girls are arguing fiercely,  ridiculous absurd parody.
Fat guy fell down
A fat man ran out onto the ramp, faceplant fail.
Valerian and Laureline wringing hand beach scene
Valerian wringing Laureline's hand on the beach, scene from the movie «Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets», 2017.
Fat guy strips
The nasty fat man strips off his clothes and shows off his leopard-print panties.
Kitten turned off
Click on the cat's nose and turn it off.
Russian car fell apart
The Russian dude kicked his car and the car fell apart.
Cat with a knife
Creepy cat with a knife is trying to kill you.
Asian girl vs wave
Asian bikini girl gets hit by massive wave.
Girl rolled eyes
The little girl at the stadium rolled her eyes, funny kids GIF.