The girl fell off the bike
The young girl jumped from a springboard on a bicycle and fell face down, girls fail funny animated GIF.
Girl face plant in snow
A girl skier descended from the mountain and fell face down in the snow, an epic fail girl skier.
The guy slips and hits the table
Summer party, a guy slides on a wet surface, flies through the pool, face hits the table, knocking down glasses like a boss.
Punch in the face (Tromeo and Juliet)
«Tromeo and Juliet» (1996) scene - man hits another man in the face and he falls face to the fire hydrant.
The girl fell out of the golf cart
The fat girl fell out of the golf cart like a sack with a shit, a funny animated picture, epic girl fail.
The girl was walking on the rope and fell
A funny animated GIF, the girl walked along the rope and fell face on the rope, epic girl fail.
The girl rolled off the dune and fell
The girl in the bikini slid down from the dune and fell face to the sand, a funny animated GIF, an epic girl fail.
The girl fell face down on the mattress
The girl fled and smackily fell face to the mattress, epic fail animated GIF.
Blonde girl broke her neck
The stupid girl blonde tried to jump over herself and fell to the ground with her head down, almost breaking her neck.