Face #7

Gal Gadot forgot where she was at
Gal Gadot briefly forgot where she was while looking at Chris Pine.
Pretty girl selfie
Emotion of a cute girl, selfie video camera phone.
Very funny face of a black girl
This face has become a popular meme, the black girl shows funny faces.
A child is crying funny
The crying of a child, a sincere childish emotion.
Jackie Chan face | Foreigner
Sad Jackie Chan with a battered face from the movie «Foreigner», 2017.
Nude Emma Roberts
Naked Emma Roberts walks at night, hot shot GIF.
Charming Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, hot celebrities GIF.
Eyes of a Weeping Girl
Girl is crying, her eyes are wet, there are tears, sad GIF with a weeping red-haired girl.
Overwatch girls – Widowmaker and Tracer
Tracer caught Widowmaker, Overwatch girls, Tracer's puzzled expression, Widowmaker is smiling.