Drunk Russian bum dances
Somewhere in Russia, a drunken bearded homeless man dances in the forest, crazy dance drunk Russian tramp.
Crazy drunk Russian and his car
This Russian man drank too much, but his wife drank even more and left fucking in his car.
Russian Terminator survived after the car hit
Vodka gives +100 to health for Russians, a drunk Russian man fell under the wheels of the van and survived, he just got up and went.
Drunk Russian guy beating his girlfriend
Crazy Russian fight in Kirov, the girl is beating her drunk boyfriend, and then he grabs her by the hair and knocks her on the road.
Drunk Russian woman broke her leg in prison
An aggressive Russian woman was arrested for drunk driving, she hit the bars in prison and broke her leg, a crazy animated GIF.
Drunk holy father beats a man
A drunk Russian Orthodox priest beats a man with his fist on the head.