Amazing Amphibian Car
An amphibian car rides along the bottom of the river, completely submerged in water, leaves the river to shore.
The rally car drifts
Drifting along an asphalt road, a rally car rides in a power slide into a turn.
Dumb BMW driver almost crashed into the bus
The driver of BMW tried to overtake the bus and almost crashed into an iron bump.
Stupid Russian BMW driver crashed an ambulance
A dumb Russian driver BMW intended to turn around and hit an ambulance.
Stupid Russian BMW driver on the opposite lane
Stupid Russian rednecks BMW driver on the oncoming lane and demands him to give way.
Heavy Rain Accident Bus
The car crashed into the bus, it rained heavily, the Russian roads.
Russian car Lada fail
Russian car Lada with a foot-operated drive, crazy russian cars, animated GIF.