Crazy drunk Russian and his car
This Russian man drank too much, but his wife drank even more and left fucking in his car.
Lada went to the oncoming lane
Russian Lada drove to the oncoming lane highway and crashed into another car, hard crash animated GIF.
Crazy Russian Lada
The car Lada slid down the hill on the highway, where there was a lot of traffic, and crashed into another Lada.
Russian Terminator survived after the car hit
Vodka gives +100 to health for Russians, a drunk Russian man fell under the wheels of the van and survived, he just got up and went.
Caucasian wedding
Somewhere in the Republic of Dagestan, Caucasian wedding, an accident involving several cars, a wedding cortege, all cars are broken.
Crazy Russian cyclists in the city
Accident bicyclists in some Russian city, crazy Russian cyclists with road bicycles, animation GIF.
Bus almost broke the girl’s leg
The Russian bus almost broke the girl's leg, the bus doors closed, and the girl did not manage to get out of the bus, the bus dragged the girl a few meters along the road.
Drunk Russian guy beating his girlfriend
Crazy Russian fight in Kirov, the girl is beating her drunk boyfriend, and then he grabs her by the hair and knocks her on the road.
The cat warped with fright
Very funny animation, a cat eats from a bowl, a cucumber falls next, a cat skewed with fright, it's lol.
Mom twists the child
A crazy mother twists her child to dizziness, a child falls to the ground, a cheerful animated GIF.