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Cyberruck пуленепробиваемые окна разбить не удастся
Elon Musk presented the new armored Tesla Cybertruck, but throwing a metal ball into the bulletproof window of the truck ended in breaking glass.
Девушка ударила мужчину с костылями | Ookami-Сан -
The girl fell out of the rickshaw bicycle and kicked a sick man with crutches in the face, funny moments from the anime «Okami-san and Her Seven Companions» (オオカミさん).
Девушка бьет парня | Работает!!
The girl the waitress was frightened of the guy and hit him in the face, the poor guy fell unconscious, funny moments from the anime «Working!!» (ワーキング).
Наги провал | Kannagi
The blue-haired goddess Nagi meets Jin-kun, she wants to hug him, but falls to the ground, funny moments from the anime «Shrine Maiden» (Kannagi, かんなぎ).
Девушка из козлиных голов
The girl is trying to take a selfie with the goat, but the goat butts her, selfie fail animated GIF and MP4 video.
Неуклюжая девушка осень
The girl tried to lift her leg up and fell, girls fail funny animated GIF.
Девушка упала с велосипеда
The young girl jumped from a springboard on a bicycle and fell face down, girls fail funny animated GIF.
Две девушки упали с дерева
Two girls on a tree, one girl grabbed the second by her hair and pulled her down, girls fail funny animated GIF.
Собака пытается попасть в надувной бассейн
The dog is trying to get into an inflatable pool filled with water, he jerks his legs and slides, funny dog animated gif.
Кошка прыгает и падает с крыши
The cat tried to jump onto the roof, but made a mistake and fell from the roof down, funny cat animated gif.
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