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Felicia Hardy Black Cat | Spider-Man: The Heist
Hot babe Felicia Hardy, also known by her alias Black Cat, in DLC «Spider-Man: The Heist» (PS4).
Spider-Man stops the truck
«Spider-Man» video game 2018, spider-man neutralizes the hijacker, knocks him out of the cab and stops the truck, animated videogame GIF.
Spider-Man flies over the street
«Spider-Man» video game 2018, spider-man is flying over the city street using his web, animated videogame GIF.
Spider-Man uses the web
«Spider-Man» video game 2018, spider-man uses his web in battle with bandits, animated videogame GIF.
Spider-Man threw the wardrobe into the enemy
«Spider-Man» video game 2018, spider-man drew the electric board with his cobweb, untwisted it and threw it at the enemy, animated videogame GIF.
Spider-Man crawling on the wall
«Spider-Man» video game 2018, spider-man crawls along the wall of the building, animated videogame GIF.
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