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Invulnerable Jessica Chastain
An alien of the D'Bari race named Vuk or Margaret Smith (Jessica Chastain) was shot from a variety of weapons, «Dark Phoenix».
Sarah Connor: I’ll be back
Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) shoots the terminator Rev-9, throws a grenade and says «I'll be back», «Terminator: Dark Fate» (2019).
Shotgun Double Kill | Cyberpunk 2077
«Cyberpunk 2077» video game GIFs, V kills two enemies in a row from a shotgun, animated cyberpunk GIF.
Shotgun | Cyberpunk 2077
«Cyberpunk 2077» video game GIFs, enemy attacks V and she kills him with a shot from the shotgun, animated cyberpunk GIF.
Slow motion pistol shooting | Cyberpunk 2077
«Cyberpunk 2077» video game GIFs, V shoots a pistol at the enemies in a slow-motion shot, animated cyberpunk GIF.
Widowmaker’s sniper rifle | Overwatch
Widowmaker shoots a sniper rifle, «Overwatch» videogame CGI trailer.
Vampire Selena | Underworld
The beauty of the vampire Selena shoots at the werewolf, «Underworld» movie animated GIF.
Busty blonde girl shoots machinegun
Sexy busty blonde girl shoots machine gun and shakes her boobs.
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