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Goblins beat and rape girls | Goblin Slayer
Bloodthirsty goblins beat and raped naked girls, a brutal scene from the anime «Goblin Slayer» (ゴブリンスレイヤ).
Bloodthirsty goblin kills a girl | Goblin Slayer
A cruel anime scene in which a huge goblin bites a blonde girl, drops of blood splatter, the girl bleeds, anime «Goblin Slayer» (ゴブリンスレイヤ).
Two black girls beat up a white guy | Far Cry: New Dawn
Two black twin girls brutally beat a white guy, video game «Far Cry: New Dawn» (developed by Ubisoft Montreal), 2019.
Chinese girl killed a girl | Naked Weapon
The сhinese assassin slaughtered a girl, ripped up her belly with a sword, a battle scene from the movie «Naked Weapon».
Maggie Q kills assassin | Naked Weapon
Maggie Q kills an assassin girl, breaks her neck, fighting scene from the movie «Naked Weapon».
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