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Zombie woman eating a man
A blood-stained zombie woman eats her husband in the middle of the road, she drinks his blood and nibbles his bones, a scene from the movie «Zombieland».
Bloodthirsty goblin kills a girl | Goblin Slayer
A cruel anime scene in which a huge goblin bites a blonde girl, drops of blood splatter, the girl bleeds, anime «Goblin Slayer» (ゴブリンスレイヤ).
Girl drinks blood | Sounan desu ka?
Japanese schoolgirl Homare Onishima (鬼島 ほまれ) drinks blood, squeezing out of her blouse, Homare's girlfriends are shocked, anime «Are You Lost?» (ソウナンですか?).
Anime girl and goblet with blood
The busty naked girl performs a ritual, filling a goblet of blood, a scene from hentai, an animated GIF image.
Naked devil girl | Agony
Naked devil girl in the blood, video game «Agony», animated gaming GIF.
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